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  • A scale-out OLTP database
  • In-Memory Spark-based OLAP
  • Full ANSI SQL
  • ACID Transactions
  • Stored Procedures, Triggers, UDFs, Constraints, Indexes
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • MLFlow - ML Workflow Management
  • ML Model Deployment
  • Algorithms like H20, R, MLLib, Tensorflow

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Splice Machine 3.0 offers enterprise-grade functionality for application developers, DevOps/ DBAs, analysts, data engineers, and data scientists. In version 3.0, DBA’s will have the ability to allocate analytical resources by roles using analytical resource queues so that specific users’ workloads receive sufficient resources. This is useful to ensure performance for high priority workloads and also is useful to allocate computing resources across different business organizations. Splice Machine 3.0 safeguards business data and assures business continuity and high availability in the face of natural disasters, infrastructure failure, and user error with active-passive failover. In Splice Machine 3.0 we have extensively advanced security options by offering the ability to redact sensitive business data.

Splice Machine 3.0’s standard ODBC/JDBC interfaces enable analysts to integrate with business intelligence and data visualization tools of their choice and provide access to the notebooks created by data scientists to perform what-if analysis. Version 3.0 offers our ML Manager 2.0 which enables an end-to-end data science workflow with unprecedented ease of operationalizing ML, new native JupyterLab notebooks, and new features to track ML experiments.

Splice Machine 3.0 significantly lowers the burden on IT organizations of managing operational, analytical, and ML/AI workloads to support both analytical queries for historical reporting, and operational, system of record use cases. This greatly reduces the implementation time and the number of data engineers needed to maintain this architecture. For an organization that plans to migrate from a proprietary database, Splice Machine 3.0 offers a seamless replacement of legacy databases through an exhaustive SQL implementation, including support for some proprietary SQL extensions. Splice Machine 3.0 offers infrastructure agnostic deployment that grants flexibility to deploy on-premises or on the cloud.

Splice Machine 3.0 includes major improvements in numerous functional areas including:

  • Workload Management
  • SQL coverage
  • Replication and HA
  • Security
  • Data science productivity
  • Kubernetes support