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One Data Lake...Two Points of View in the Enterprise

The same story keeps surfacing at manufacturers, financial service companies, healthcare providers, and retailers alike: One group says their data lake project was wildly successful because they created an affordable central repository of nearly all enterprise data. But another group claims they have not yet exploited the new repository in their reports, dashboards, and applications. How could this be? Read our blog post, Operationalizing Data Lakes, where we explain why this is happening and how to fix it.

What Is an Operationalized Data Lake?

Operational data lakes finally deliver on the promise of big data. They enable entirely new sources to be brought to bear upon both operational and analytical applications. Operational data lakes are scalable due to the distributed storage of the Hadoop stack, and deliver the promise of making computation faster by also leveraging the distributed compute power of the big data stack. But they do this with the steadfast capabilities of the RDBMS and data warehouse.

Splice Machine is the fastest and most cost-effective onramp to an operational data lake. See what financial service companies, oil and gas companies, healthcare providers, and manufacturers are doing with their data lakes on Splice Machine. They get the needle-in-the haystack speed of Apache HBase as well as the in-memory, distributed, analytical firepower of Apache Spark – without giving up the power of today’s RDBMS and data warehouse capabilities. Get the promise of the data lake and provide the real-time performance users need.

How Can You Get Started?

1) Complete the form above to get access to a free, pre-configured Splice Machine test cluster

2) Within 2 business dats, open our TPC-H Analytical Benchmark tutorial notebook and run each paragraph sequentially

3) Click the “I’m Done” link once you have finished the notebook to qualify for a free 1 week trial on your own data with a 2 hour hackfest with our experts to guide you through the test