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Find Out How Our New Spark DataSource Is Blazingly Fast For Data Scientists

The recent release of our native Spark DataSource has gotten attention across the industry for its ability to eliminate the cost and latency typically associated with moving data into and out of Spark for analytics.

Tony Baer of Ovum wrote about the Spark DataSource recently, and we’ve made his report available to you. Tony recognized the importance of this technology and how it enables Splice Machine to handle transactional, analytical and machine learning workloads in a single data platform.

“With native support, all workloads associated with Spark, from streaming to complex modeling and machine learning, can run on the same Splice Machine database that also runs transaction processing and BI-style analytics.”

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Complete the form above for your copy of the report. If you want to dig deeper and see real-world examples of how to use the Spark DataSource, check out our blog post and see how easy it is to get started on the Splice Machine cloud service.