Learn more about the five warning signs that your custom-built applications have been overlooked in your digital transformation, and learn how to unlock the benefits of data science and machine learning to become more agile and intelligent.

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Purpose-Built Applications Are Your Company’s Secret Sauce

These applications represent the way your company does business by being an integral part of mission-critical business processes. So many of these purpose-built applications are currently stuck on older platforms that lack agility, data, and intelligence. To make matters worse, they have been overlooked as part of the enterprise digital transformation.

Part of the reason that these “crown jewels” of the enterprise have been left behind is because of the complexity of rewriting and migrating the applications to a new wave of platforms that can power in-the-moment intelligent decisions and actions. This represents an expensive, risky and lengthy proposition. By modernizing these applications to a scalable platform and injecting predictive technology such as machine learning into them greatly enhances the viability of your digital transformation initiative.

Learn about the Five Warning Signs of Legacy Data Platforms

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You’ll also learn more about the best practices that leading companies are following to overcome these challenges, making their applications more agile and intelligent, and resulting in powerful business outcomes that would otherwise be unreachable.