Cloud migration is a key component of application modernization, but improving the quality of business outcomes often requires improvements to the app itself.

Learn more about how leading companies are modernizing their applications to be scalable, data-rich and intelligent using an Intelligent SQL platform that exceeds expectations in the cloud, on-prem and in hybrid environments.

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Executive Summary

Most legacy applications are built on SQL, and most are unique intellectual property because they were chosen to be purpose-built versus bought off-the-shelf. But these applications have been stuck on architectures that make it nearly impossible to enrich them with new sources of data and “intelligence” via AI.

The emergence of cloud services was a major milestone in modernizing application as part of a broader digital transformation strategy. By moving to the cloud, businesses were able to bring their applications online faster without worrying about the capital expenditure of building data centers. Additionally, they could elastically adjust the computing resources they consumed both on demand and independently because of cloud architectures that allowed the separation of storage and compute.

Cloud-based applications are more agile, and advances in container orchestration and microservices have made developers more productive, but porting existing applications to the cloud often is often an exercise in infrastructure optimization, it doesn’t fundamentally change or improve the application itself.

In this white paper, we walk you through the various cycles of application modernization and then outline an objective approach to infuse your custom-built applications with agility and intelligence. This allows your existing apps to utilize new and more substantial data sets as well as apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to take in-the-moment actions. This approach delivers demonstrable gains for companies and the clients they service.

Learn How to Perform Application Modernization as part of Digital Transformation 2.0

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