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Reinventing ETL in the Age of Big Data

ETL is obsolete at most companies today. The old world of costly, scale-up ETL architectures assumed they would extract data from a limited sources, transform it and then load it on a data warehouse or a few datamarts.

However, the world has changed. ETL is now way more complex. There is a now an explosion of sources and targets – it’s no longer a simple linear flow. Ballooning data volumes means that ETL has become a bottleneck. This has resulted in mushrooming costs and poor performance.

In this Webinar, learn:

  • How to start your move toward modern data integration
  • How to blend and enrich modern data
  • How to combine modern data integration with scale out technology to significantly improve performance and decrease costs

John Santaferraro, CMO, Diyotta
Rich Reimer, VP of Product Management for Splice Machine