The new generation of OLPP-powered predictive applications are here to stay. They will learn from the past to predict the future and plan optimal business outcomes. Download this white paper to learn about predictive applications and the attributes needed to run them.

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In this informative white paper, you'll learn about OLPP, which we define as OLTP + OLAP + ML + Streaming + Notebooks. OLPP is vital to the development and success of predictive applications because these applications are operating on an unparalleled scale of data and therefore require a new architecture and platform.

The platform needs to be able to ingest at high velocity, compute analytics in real-time at grand scale and be able to handle needle-in-the-haystack type of queries seamlessly. Moreover it needs to be able to handle simultaneous users concurrently and be resilient in the context of error.

The white paper covers topics including:

  • The Evolution of Applications
  • Examples of Predictive Applications
  • How Predictive Applications Work
  • Predictive Application Architecture
  • Why Predictive Applications Require ACID

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Predictive applications will optimize supply chains, optimize preventive maintenance, detect fraud, advise medical professionals, power the Internet of Things, and optimize customer interactions, but they require a new architecture to succeed at scale.

The new Splice Machine OLPP platform is a SQL RDBMS built on a Lambda Architecture. Developers and IT can build new predictive applications easily and cost-effectively on this platform. They can migrate old applications as well to the platform and add new predictive components. And finally they can use the platform to just offload old RDBMS’s and Data Warehouses to benefit from scale-out technology without requiring retraining.

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