The Splice Machine Hybrid RDBMS

More than a Database

Be one of the first to try the new Scale-Out, SQL Database on AWS from Splice Machine - FOR FREE!  You are invited to join and use one of a limited set of open enrollment slots*.

You can use Splice Machine to power your most challenging applications - whether you need OLTP, OLAP or both - elastically scalable to petabytes of data, Splice Machine can handle it with outstanding performance!

Splice Machine provides:

  • ANSI SQL - including full DDL and DML
  • ACID Transactions - CRUD operations which can scale to high-frequency, highly concurrent operational queries and large scale analytic workloads
  • Secondary Indexing - both in unique and non-unique forms
  • Referential Integrity - such as Primary and Foreign key restraints
  • Joins - inner, outer, cross and natural joins, using algorithms such as broadcast, merge, sort, nested loop
  • Integration for Kafka and Kinesis Streams
  • Dynamically scale from a few to hundreds of nodes, from 500Gb to 5Pb and more

Splice Machine is the first hybrid database for AWS  Learn more

* Limited Availability, some terms and conditions apply

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Transactional & Analytical Workloads