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The Bloor Group - The Briefing Room
Goodbye, Bottlenecks:
How Scale-Out and In-Memory Solve ETL

As data growth soars and increased competition demands real-time data, standard ETL has become brittle and often unmanageable. Scaling up resources can do the trick, but it’s very costly and only a matter of time before the processes hit another bottleneck. When outmoded ETL stands in the way of real-time analytics, it might be time to consider a completely new approach.

View this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he explains how modern, data-driven architectures must adopt an equally capable data integration strategy. He’ll be briefed by Rich Reimer of Splice Machine, who will discuss how his company solves ETL performance issues and enables real-time analytics and reports on big data. He will show that by leveraging the scale-out power of Hadoop and the in-memory speed of Spark, users can bring both analytical and operational systems together, eventually performing transformations only when needed.