The Briefing Room with The Bloor Group
Hadoop and the Relational Database:
The Best of Both Worlds

Register to view this episode of The Briefing Room with The Bloor Group to hear from veteran analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he outlines the critical components of a business-ready data layer.

He is briefed by John Leach and Rich Reimer of Splice Machine who explain how their solution delivers the best of both data worlds: the trusted capabilities of relational with the infinite scalability of Hadoop.

They also discuss how Hadoop has transformed from a batch-oriented workhorse into a scale-out layer capable of supporting real-time applications and operational analytics using traditional SQL.

Speakers include:


Robin Bloor
Chief Analyst
The Bloor Group

Robin Bloor

Johh Leach
Co-founder & CTO
Splice Machine

John Leach

Rich Reimer
VP of Marketing and Product Management
Splice Machine

Rich Reimer
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